Intel Volunteer Program

If you volunteer for the football program and work for Intel, for the hours you work, Intel will give our football program money to help out the  team and school and community. So we get paid twice, once with your labor and second with dollars from Intel and we thank you for all the help and time you give.

But you need to report to Intel the hours that you work, below are the accounts you can use. There is a Football specific account and we are glad when you use it but if you volunteer for other sports please use the correct account so all of Liberty sports and activities will benefit from your hard work and the generosity of Intel.

ID                   Organization                                     Location               

0003224          Liberty High School                       Hillsboro, OR

0019264          Liberty High School Baseball         Hillsboro, OR

0015248          Liberty High School Band               Hillsboro, OR

0014509          Liberty High School Football           Hillsboro, OR

0014259          Liberty High School Lacrosse         Hillsboro, OR

0016091          Liberty High School Track & Field   Hillsboro, OR

0006704          Liberty Parent Council                     Hillsboro, OR