Liberty High School Football will develop young men of character who compete on the field, have a commitment to success in the classroom, and positively impact our school and community.

Coaches’ Commitments

  • Put the team first
  • Strive to be fair and honest
  • Work to be positive mentors
  • Help players achieve their goals
  • Keep their doors open to players
  • Remain loyal to players, the team and the school

Team Goals & Objectives



  • Respect your authorities at home, school, and in the community.
  • Set the example at school & off campus (Do the right thing).
  • Participate in at least two events per year that help the school and community.
  • Communicate clearly, your goals & dreams to family & friends.


  • Demonstrate appropriate language and behavior at all times.
  • Commit to being alcohol & drug free.
  • Care for the people of your community by doing service for them.
  • Request help with a problem from a coach, teacher, or parent if needed.



  • Average Team G.P.A. of 3.0 throughout the year
  • Top 10 team in OSAA Academic All-State Rankings
  • Everyone at a minimum of 2.5 G.P.A.
  • Strive to earn scholar-athlete recognition (3.5 G.P.A. during season)


  • Complete All of Your Homework, All the Time, On Time, at Best Effort.
  • Study for all tests, until you know the material.
  • Serve your teachers (Go out of your way to help them).
  • Ask for help when needed, challenging yourself to be the best student you can be.



  • Be recognized as a tough, fundamental and disciplined team.
  • Do our best to win every game in front of us.
  • Make it to the playoffs every year.
  • Win a championship.


  • Demonstrate Respect. – Never haze a teammate – Make sportsmanship a priority.
  • Never give up or quit on your team, your coaches, or yourself.
  • Attend every day with a good, sacrificial, team attitude (Year Round) ยท Put the team first to obtain team & individual goals.
  • Be Prepared & give your best every day.
  • Listen to your coaches – Learn from mistakes.